Sex & Dragons

Thu 11th August 7pm; Fri 12th August 7pm 2016 CSIRO Discovery Centre, North-Science Rd, Acton. How does sex change over time? Join the Griffyn Ensemble’s curiosity into life and evolution, with their multimedia journey into the sexual reproduction of bearded dragons with music, wildlife footage, and interviews, all told through music and song – think

Who We Are

~flute~violin~harp~soprano~ double bass~composer~ Canberra’s premier chamber ensemble, featuring Michael Sollis, Chris Stone, Susan Ellis, Holly Downes, Kiri Sollis,

Support Griffyn

We are running a hundred-day fundraising campaign on our tenth birthday for much needed funds in 2016.  Your

Video: The Dirty Red Digger

Highlights from The Griffyn Ensemble’s Dirty Red Digger – Conscription, Class War, and Rugby League, commemorating the Centenary of Anzac. Performance from 2015 at Belconnen Arts Centre.  Original music by Griffyn composer Michael Sollis.  ‘Green Fields of France’ by Eric Bogle. Video: Dan Gwynn.