The Dirty Red Digger

Belconnen Arts Centre Sat 25th April 5:00pm, Sun 26th April 5:00pm Rugby League Remembrance Conscription, class war, and Rugby League. 

2015 Series: Global Chronicles

The Griffyn Ensemble 2015 Concert Series: ‘Global Chronicles’. Join us in 2015 as we share four programs that

Who We Are

~flute~violin~harp~soprano~ double bass~composer~ Canberra’s premier chamber ensemble, featuring Michael Sollis, Chris Stone, Susan Ellis, Holly Downes, Kiri Sollis,

Video: The Lost Mapmaker

Highlights from The Griffyn Ensemble’s Lost Mapmaker with visual artist Annika Romeyn. Performance from 2014 at the National Library of Australia, in collaboration with the ‘Mapping Our World: Terra Incognita to Australia’ exhibition. Concert One of Griffyn Fairy Tales. Includes music by John Cage, Brian Wilson, Graham McLeod, Holly Downes, Lou Harrison, Jan Jarvlepp, The