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Video: Building a Two-Person Giant Flute

What instruments require two people to make a sound? Michael Sollis from The Griffyn Ensemble explores the Slide Flute as part of the Giant Instrument Playground at Belconnen Arts Centre, with the Circularsawruses.

Video: One Sky, Many Stories

Highlights from One Sky, Many Stories – a collaboration between indigenous Arrernte songwriter Warren H. Williams and members

Video: The Dirty Red Digger

Highlights from The Griffyn Ensemble’s Dirty Red Digger – Conscription, Class War, and Rugby League, commemorating the Centenary

Video: South of Jupiter

Griffyn percussionist Wyana O’Keeffe perform’s Thom Hasenpflug’s ‘South of Jupiter’ for tape and percussion, as part of ‘VOYAGER’

Video: Mirage

The Griffyn Ensemble perform Michael Sollis’ (Griffyn Director) Mirage for piccolo and glockenspiel. Performed as part of ‘Cloudy

Video: Water Into Swine

The Pearls Before Swïne Experience perform Michael Sollis’ ‘Water Into Swïine’ as part of the 2013 Water Into

Video: The Lost Mapmaker

Highlights from The Griffyn Ensemble’s Lost Mapmaker with visual artist Annika Romeyn. Performance from 2014 at the National

Video: Minnie’s Yoo Hoo

Carl Stalling’s Minnie’s Yoo Hoo as part of Chapter 6 of their Griffyn American Songbook at the Belconnen

Video: Letter to a Greek Nymph

Michael Sollis’ Letter to a Greek Nymph foro solo celesta performed at the Calwell Performing Arts Centre in

Video: The Three Cornered Hat

Excerpt from a suite from Manuel De Falla’s two ballets – The Three Cornered Hat (El sombrero de