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Video: Building a Two-Person Giant Flute

What instruments require two people to make a sound? Michael Sollis from The Griffyn Ensemble explores the Slide Flute as part of the Giant Instrument Playground at Belconnen Arts Centre, with the Circularsawruses.

Video: One Sky, Many Stories

Highlights from One Sky, Many Stories – a collaboration between indigenous Arrernte songwriter Warren H. Williams and members

Video: The Dirty Red Digger

Highlights from The Griffyn Ensemble’s Dirty Red Digger – Conscription, Class War, and Rugby League, commemorating the Centenary of Anzac. Performance from 2015 at Belconnen Arts Centre.  Original music by Griffyn composer Michael Sollis.  ‘Green Fields of France’ by Eric Bogle. Video: Dan Gwynn.

Video: The Lost Mapmaker

Highlights from The Griffyn Ensemble’s Lost Mapmaker with visual artist Annika Romeyn. Performance from 2014 at the National

Video: Minnie’s Yoo Hoo

Carl Stalling’s Minnie’s Yoo Hoo as part of Chapter 6 of their Griffyn American Songbook at the Belconnen

Video: Parade

Erik Satie’s Parade, at their Ballet Russes concert at the National Gallery of Australia, 2011, featuring foghorns, typewriters,

Video: Water Into Swine Festival

Highlights from The Water Into Swine festival 2013 in Canberra, Australia – a collaboration between innovative chamber music groups Australia’s Griffyn Ensemble and Sweden’s the peärls before swïne experience. Venues included New Acton, the National Botanic Gardens, Belconnen Arts Centre, Swedish Embassy, and University House.

Video: Southern Sky Highlights

Highlights from the Australian 2012 premiere tour of Southern Sky – a work composed by Estonian composer Urmas Sisask when he visited Australia in the 1990s. Performed at the Yale-Columbia ruins of Mt Stromlo Observatory which was devastated by the 2003 Canberra firestorm. With guest astronomer Fred Watson from the Anglo-Australian Observatory, who joins Griffyn

Video: Behind Bars Montage

Behind Bars – Music written in concentration camps and prisons. Excerpts, from Old Melbourne Gaol 2012 Directed by