Chapter One – The Lost Mapmaker

Fri 21 Feb 7:30pm; Sat 22 Feb 2pm
National Library of Australia

With a brand new sound, Canberra’s premier chamber group, The Griffyn Ensemble will take audiences into the heart of the National Library, tracing the subconscious journey into Terra Incognito and the Antipodes.  Visual artist Annika Romeyn brings our story to life through illustrations projected live as they are drawn, with words by Katie Taylor.

This concert is in partnership with the National Library’s Mapping Our World exhibition.  The collection is incredibly special and has inspired director Michael Sollis who has included works evoking Mayan traditional music, Pink Floyd, the ‘burning torrid zone’ of the equator, American Dadaist John Cage, the Beach Boys, tarantellas, and Javanese gamelan court music.

Supported by ACT Government