Extended Play – Sydney

Sat 25th August 2018, 7:30pm
City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney

The Griffyn Ensemble will be featured as part of Extended Play, a 12-hour festival that explores and celebrates new music in every format imaginable. From noon to midnight, a dynamic line-up of 20 local and international artists will transform City Recital Hall into a rich hub of sonic exploration and musical landscapes. Be prepared to discard your preconceived ideas about music production and performance, and embrace the new, in all its raw, exhilarating, and immersive brilliance.

Navigating the interface between Western, Indigenous, and spiritual conceptions of the sky above us, members of The Griffyn Ensemble are joined by Astronomer Fred Watson with a program that evokes the stars and heavens. Beginning with Southern Sky, music written by Estonian composer Urmas Sisask, The Griffyn Ensemble have collected and written stories and music connecting two hemispheres in relation to the sky – from a residency in the Arctic, to creative development in Tennant Creek.

The Griffyn Ensemble will weave together selections of this work, featuring music by indigenous composers Christopher Sainsbury and Warren H Williams, Griffyn director Michael Sollis, and Northern European composers Urmas Sisask and Henryk Górecki.

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This National Science Week project is supported by the Australian Government