Kiri Sollis

The concert flute was never going to be enough for Kiri, so you will often see her play piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, and a suite of recorders during a Griffyn program. If you ask her though, she will tell you that the piccolo is her favourite, which has prompted her husband Michael to expand the repertoire for new works for piccolo, including the 2010 Perelandra Piccolo Concerto which was written for Kiri.  Kiri has also performed the world premiere of a new version of David Bedford’s Recorder Concerto, and the Australian premiere of Urmas Sisask’s flute concerto. Kiri hails from the South Coast of New South Wales and has been living in Canberra since 2005 with her husband Michael and dog Gypsy. She maintains an active teaching studio, and has performed and recorded with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Kiri is also Griffyn’s designated stunt woman. This has included performing daring feats such as braving sub zero temperatures in the middle of Lake George, and being handcuffed in heavy chains – all in the name of art (or at least an interesting promo photoshoot experience!)