Susan Ellis

When she isn’t found performing in underground mines in Queensland (we kid you not!) Susan can be found redefining what the voice is capable of in a Griffyn performance. One moment you will will hear an angelic voice soar throughout the concert hall – ten minutes later you will hear her produce the sounds of an airplane jet, or some Tibetan throat singing. Susan will admit that her Griffyn highlight was taking the role of ‘lead caterpillar’ involving a kid’s sleeping bag and a headband with felt tentacles. Despite this (or perhaps, because of this!) Susan has established herself as a leading dramatic Soprano both in Australia and overseas.

Susan has lectured in tertiary performance at the Australian National University School of Music and the University of Southern Queensland, and taught voice and classroom music in many Australian schools. She is a member of Opera Queensland’s Moving Opera team and is in demand as a presenter for music education institutes and as a vocal coach for large massed choirs. You can read more about Susan here