Become a Circular-Sawrus!

Become a Circular-Sawrus and make music with the Griffyns!

There is nothing more wondrous than watching a wideeyed child discover sound. It could be as simple as seeing them strike two blocks of wood together, inventing a series of variations and patterns – thus making music for the first time.

All of us were children once, and we all had our first discovery of sound. If only we could revisit that experience, to once again be that curious child…

Well, The Griffyn Ensemble is about to make that possible! We are searching for local residents of all backgrounds, ages, and musical experiences to create a giant all-ages musical playground! Perhaps you have something in your garage that you thought you would never have a use for? Let’s turn them into instruments! Perhaps there’s a song or a tune that you absolutely love? Let’s bring them to the stage on these brand new inventions! Perhaps some of you may have some practical skills you would like to share? Let’s build something the world has never seen before! Together, we will be recycling objects and melodies to create new instruments for a new performance to be premiered this December.

We have assembled a crackpot team of maverick musicians and makers: Jim Sharrock (famous for his Musical Mushroom Gardens), and visual artist Byrd (one of Canberra’s pre-eminent mural and graffiti artists) join West Australian Mark Cain (of AC/PVC fame), who will work with us to realise our own musical playground! So, we need your rusty bicycles and your musical memories to premiere brand new instruments, which will debut at Belconnen Arts Centre on December 8th. We are calling on YOU to become one of the Circular-Sawreses, a team of local residents to perform and invent brand new creations side by side with The Griffyn Ensemble.

So, if you have time for evening rehearsals in the first week of December, and would like to be a part of something out-of-the-ordinary, please be in touch and join The Circular-Sawreses, and relive the magic of discovering sound for the first time! Simply submit your details below by Friday 26th October, or send an email to, and we will send through all the details! And please, share this around with friends – we would love to create something special with you all!

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