Past Concerts

Discover the Griffyn Ensemble’s concert seasons from 2007, with summaries, reviews, and video clips.

2018-19 Concerts

Tennant Creek, indigenous astronomy, and a giant instrument playground!

2017 Concerts

Six Curious Concerts – a journey to wonderland and back with The Griffyn Ensemble.

2016 Concerts

Egyptian Cats, Sex and Dragons, Scotland’s finest, and American mavericks.

2015 Concerts

Four Global Chronicles: Whitlam in China, Rugby League meets music, the Aurora Borealis, and the Utopia Experiment.

2014 Concerts

Griffyn Fairy Tales – Welcome to a season of spooky stories and twisted tales.

2013 Concerts

The Elements of Canberra in the Capital’s Centenary – Water, Earth, Air, and Stars, with our favourite Swedish

2012 Concerts

Two hemispheres collide in a moving event at Mt Stromlo Observatory; Half weather-forecast, half-concert; and music behind bars.

2011 Concerts

Illicit Passions, music from the Ballet Russes, and a journey through the Solar System.

2010 Concerts

Tales from Heaven and Hell and The Griffyn American Songbook – exploring the nexus of American popular musics and

2009 Concerts

Sacred Geometry with stories from the jungle book, fairy tales, and Mexican musical genius.