Past Concerts

Discover the Griffyn Ensemble’s concert seasons from 2007, with summaries, reviews, and video clips.

2018-19 Concerts

Tennant Creek, indigenous astronomy, and a giant instrument playground!

2017 Concerts

Six Curious Concerts – a journey to wonderland and back with The Griffyn Ensemble.

2016 Concerts

Egyptian Cats, Sex and Dragons, Scotland’s finest, and American mavericks.

2015 Concerts

Four Global Chronicles: Whitlam in China, Rugby League meets music, the Aurora Borealis, and the Utopia Experiment.

2014 Concerts

Griffyn Fairy Tales - Welcome to a season of spooky stories and twisted tales.

2013 Concerts

The Elements of Canberra in the Capital’s Centenary – Water, Earth, Air, and Stars, with our favourite Swedish

2012 Concerts

Two hemispheres collide in a moving event at Mt Stromlo Observatory; Half weather-forecast, half-concert; and music behind bars.

2011 Concerts

Illicit Passions, music from the Ballet Russes, and a journey through the Solar System.

2010 Concerts

Tales from Heaven and Hell and The Griffyn American Songbook Рexploring the nexus of American popular musics and

2009 Concerts

Sacred Geometry with stories from the jungle book, fairy tales, and Mexican musical genius.