Ear of the Cat

Sat 30th April 10am; Sun 1st May 10am, 2pm 2016
Ainslie Arts Centre, Elouera Street Braddon.

Cairo meets Canberra in a staged production for the young and young at heart:  a show all about cats, magical keys, video games, and a green soup eaten by ancient kings.  Presented as part of the Canberra International Music Festival, Ear of the Cat connects Cairo to Canberra, following Griffyn Director Michael Sollis’ residency in Cairo during 2015.

Come on an adventure of discovery as deep within an underground Egyptian tomb, four mummified cats are woken by a mysterious sound. Join these inquisitive cats and be lead by your ears, as you journey through an unfamiliar new world of haunted mazes, video games, and the streets of contemporary Cairo to help the cats find a way to belong in the land of the living. Can you guess the mysterious sound?

Travel to imaginary worlds and make your very own ‘ear of the cat’ in this interactive, multimedia performance by the Griffyn Ensemble. Curiosity doesn’t all ways kill the cat, in this case it might just bring them back to life.

WRITTEN by Michael Sollis
DIRECTED by Cathy Petocz

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