Fred Watson, Astronomer

A roadtrip with Fred is one of the unique opportunities to have a credible scientific discussion with questions such as “what are the most likely causes for Earth to become extinct through astronomical events”. We first met Fred when we were preparing for the Australian premiere of Urmas Sisask’s Southern Sky, and contacted him to see if he wanted to be involved. As fate had it, Fred was already attempting to get in touch with Urmas (who lives in Estonia), as part of one of his Illuminating Tours (global tours of astronomical significance!). Thus began an incredible special collaboration that we have continued with Fred to explore music and astronomy. Check out Fred’s book ‘Star Craving Mad’, which outlines part of the Sisask story, or check out his website here.

Like most Australians, we first heard Fred over the airwaves as regular contributor to the ABC, as Astronomer in Charge of the Australian Astronomical Observatory at Coonabarabran. Aside from being one of the country’s most trusted science communicators Fred also grew up as a folk singer-songwriter, and we have been lucky enough to hear his unique astronomical folk music a number of times!

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