Performing a piece of music for every planet, Griffyn explore the iconic works of Gustav Holst; stellar songs by David Bowie and The Beatles; the hauntingly beautiful Saturn by great Armenian-American composer Alan Hovhaness; as well as works by Estonian and Swedish composers, and excerpts from Griffyn composer Michael Sollis’ Perelandra Piccolo Concerto as set on the planet Venus. A soaring flyby of these cosmic attractions through electronic, acoustic and vocal performance.

MERCURY: Solar Plexus (Mercury) – Stellan Sagvik
VENUS: “Ransom” from Perelandra Piccolo Concerto – Michael Sollis
EARTH: Space Oddity – David Bowie
MARS: Solar Plexus (Mars) – Stellan Sagvik
ASTEROIDS: Across the Universe – The Beatles
JUPITER: South of Jupiter – Thom Hasenpflug
SATURN: Saturn – Alan Hovhaness
URANUS: The Zodiac: Pisces – Urmas Sisask
NEPTUNE: The Planets (Neptune) – Gustav Holst

17 September 2011 @ Bloom Festival, Ainslie Arts Centre