New Look for Griffyn

Dear friends

We hope you all had a Happy New Year –  it’s a busy time for everyone, and that is no exception for The Griffyn Ensemble as we prepare for our Griffyn Fairy Tales 2014 season!

The holiday period has brought both sad and exciting news for the Ensemble.   Our great friends Matthew O’Keeffe on clarinet and Wyana O’Keeffe on percussion have announced their retirement from The Griffyn Ensemble after seven years due to the difficulty of travel and family commitments in Melbourne, where they have lived and commuted to and from for the last two years.  Matt and Wy have been an incredible part of Griffyn from the very beginning, and will be sorely missed.  I am sure many of you will share many fond memories of Matt and Wy’s time in Griffyn – and if you would like to leave them a good bye note, we will pass on any correspondence.

With every cloud appears a silver lining however, and we are excited to announce two new Griffyns who will add a new dimension to the Griffyn Ensemble sound!  Violinist Chris Stone and Double Bassist Holly Downes.  Chris and Holly lived in Canberra for several years while studying at the ANU School of Music, and have since been performing in chamber-folk trio The String Contingent (you should check them out at – you may have seen them at the Folk Festival…).

Chris and Holly are amazing classical and folk musicians as well as inspiring composers (you should check out their album Talk) and we can’t wait to introduce them to you in our first concert The Lost Mapmaker as part of the National Library’s Mapping Our World exhibition on February 21 and 22, with visual artist Annika Romeyn and writer Katie Taylor.  This year will also see our former harpist Laura Tanata join Meriel Owen in a couple of concerts throughout the year!

And if you haven’t become a 2014 Member yet, all our membership information can be found at – we will be extending our Griffyn experience giveaway until our first concert, so don’t miss out!

We hope to see you soon!

All the best

The Griffyn Ensemble