silvestre revueltas

Amérique Latine

The art music of Latin America has over the last 50 years been a vibrant and fertile ground of musical imagination. In tonight’s concert we hope to give you a taste of the diverse, excited, sensual, original, and downright enjoyable music that has been written and influenced by Latin America. From the pioneers of art music in Latin America: Villa-Lobos in Brazil, Ginastera in Argentina, and Revueltas in Mexico, to the more contemporary works of composers from Argentina, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, we hope to emit some of the passion and feeling of such music.

The first half of this performance is designed as a ‘taster’ of Latin American music. Short works for small chamber combinations are woven in between Milhaud’s fascinating Saudades of Brasil performed by the whole ensemble.

In the second half, we open with a short piece by Venezuelan composer Adina Izarra, influenced by the sound of birdcalls. The ensemble then launches in to a musical exploration of Argentina, including a world premiere written as homage to Tango legend Astor Piazzolla; music from the Argentine avant-garde; evocation of indigenous Amazonian culture; and the multicultural nature of contemporary Argentine.

Alberto Ginastera – Duo for Flute and Oboe
Roberto Sierra – Tres Pensamientos
Silvestre Revueltas – Four Little Pieces
Heitor Villa-Lobos – Song of the Black Swan
Adina Izarra – Querrequerres
Tim Hansen – Killa Chinchilla
Gerardo Dirié – Lo Colore son Amore
Osvaldo Golijov – Lullaby and Doina

28 March 2008 @ CSIRO Discovery Centre

Steeples and Mountains

The Griffyn Ensemble perform in the historic St John’s Anglican Church in Reid (est. 1845).

Highlighting the program is Maurice Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infant Défunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess) arranged by Griffyn percussionist Wyana Etherington. Originally written for piano in 1899, the piece was described by Ravel as “an evocation of a pavane that a little princess might, in former times, have danced at the Spanish court,” and has become a much loved piece amongst audiences around the world.

The Ensemble will also be performing works by Canberra composers Miroslav Bukovsky and artistic director Michael Sollis. Bukovsky is at the forefront of jazz in Australia and one of the country’s most talented trumpet players. He recently wrote the Tango-infused Time is Moved for clarinet, cello, and piano which The Griffyn Ensemble has revised with vibraphone instead of piano. The concert will also include two world premieres by Michael Sollis, including a quirky setting for voice and ensemble of Rudyard Kipling’s classic Rikki Tikki Tavi – the story of a snake-killing mongoose from The Jungle Book.

Rounding out the program is Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas’ daringly original Homage to Garcia Lorca, which was written just after Lorca’s death in 1936. The piece, based on Mexican folk-tunes has often been described as a hybrid between Igor Stravinsky and Philip Glass, and is one of Mexico’s most treasured works of music.

Michael Sollis – Popular Piece
Silvestre Revueltas – Homanaje a Federico García Lorca
Miroslav Bukovsky – Time is Moved
Maurice Ravel – Pavane pour une Infante Défunte arr. Etherington
Michael Sollis – The Story of Rikki Tikki Tavi

6-7 November 2009 @ St John’s Anglican Church, Canberra

Latin Flavour

Griffyn have prepared works that span the breadth of the Spanish speaking world – Spain, Catalan, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, and have worked with Neftis Madrid who has prepared a gourmet dish from each region. So for the fire, energy, and romance of Spanish culture, the brilliance and flair of Canberra’s premier musicians, and the sumptuous taste of Latin America, don’t miss The Griffyn Ensemble’s first performance for 2010, Latin Flavour.

Miguel del Aguila – Conga-Line in Hell arr. Sollis
Silvestre Revueltas – Ranas (The Bullfrog) and El Tecolote (The Owl)
Carlos Surinach – Tientos
Joaquin Rodrigo – Liricas Castellanas
Arturo Marquez – Zarabandeo
Juan Orrego-Salas – Garden Songs
Miguel del Aguila – Herbsttag
Carlos Surinach – Hollywood Carnival

21 April 2010 @ Belconnen Arts Centre

The Griffyn American Songbook

Which three iconic composers taught songwriting legend Burt Bacharach?

Which American classical composer had music conducted by Frank Sinatra?

What drove Scott Joplin to insanity?

Which one composer orchestrated music for Richard Rodgers, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, and Irving Berlin?

Canberra’s premier chamber group The Griffyn Ensemble answer these questions and more, in The Griffyn American Songbook. Through live performance, the Griffyn Ensemble will be dissecting the interface of American popular culture and the avant garde, with influences ranging from musical theatre, film music, cartoon music, popular song, and jazz.

Chapter 1: The Great American Opera – Scott Joplin. Music by Scott Jopin
Chapter 2: American Musical Theatre – Robert Russell Bennett. Music by George Gershwin, Robert Russell Bennett, Richard Rodgers.
Chapter 3: American Chamber Jazz – Alec Wilder. Music by Alec Wilder.
Chapter 4: American Film Music – Alex North. Music by Silvestre Revueltas, Alex North.
Chapter 5: American Popular Music – Burt Bacharach. Music by Burt Bacharach, Henry Cowell.
Chapter 6: American Cartoon Music – Carl Stalling. Music by Raymond Scott, Michael Sollis, Carl Stalling.

6 November 2010 @ Belconnen Arts Centre