Video: Behind Bars Montage

Behind Bars – Music written in concentration camps and prisons.
Excerpts, from Old Melbourne Gaol 2012

Directed by Michael Sollis, The Griffyn Ensemble

All music was written and performed in jails and concentration camps between 1937 and 1969

Music and words by: Viktor Ullman, Gideon Klein, George Crumb, Marius Flothuis, Olivier Messiean, Hans Krasa, Adolf Hoffmeister, Johnny Cash, Mikis Theodorakis, Aneglos Sikelianos, Ilse Weber

The Griffyn Ensemble are:
Michael Sollis – composer, director, plucked strings
Susan Ellis – soprano
Meriel Owen – harp
Wyana O’Keeffe – percussion
Kiri Sollis – flutes
Matthew O’Keeffe – clarinets